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I moved from *** to *** on March 2nd, 2020. I used Affordable Moving Systems (aka: ***) services to have my belongings moved. They neglected to communicate with their driver and left some of my belongings on the van. When the van arrived back in ***, I spoke to the owner, Steve C, about having my things returned to me. He guaranteed that they would be mailed to me within 2 weeks. It has been three months since I’ve moved and I still do not have my belongings. He has spoken to me sporadically throughout this time, promising me that he had my items in one of his warehouses located in ***. He has been extremely difficult to reach and has not made any real attempt to solve this issue. I sent a letter to him regarding the possibility of legal action and he continues to brush me off. I would like my things returned to one of my family members immediately.

Posted by Emma C, you should allow consumers to post negative stars. This one deserves -5 stars. This is the worst company in the world. NEVER use them or their DBA S&M Relo LLC. Everyone from the owner to the drivers lied to us about delivery time frames. They loose your stuff and refuse to take your calls. They use FHA tariffs to their benefit. Mr. Steven George Coburn, Sr. It is no wonder you have to keep starting new companies. We want our son’s missing possessions. PLEASE call him now.

Posted by Blomf,

This company was paid to move the contents of my apartment from Michigan to Texas. It has been over a week and I don’t have my property nor will they answer their phone.

Posted by Aquita D,

I hired this company through a broker (***) to move furniture from my recently deceased mother’s home in ***, Ohio to my home in ***, Georgia on March 30, 2020. I was charged $909 more than quoted by the broker. I paid the difference because I had traveled to Ohio to handle the move and I didn’t have time to locate a new mover. When they delivered the furniture, there were issues with broken items. I was told at the delivery (after signing on a small phone without being given the opportunity to read what I was signing) that I would received a copy of all paperwork. That never occurred. In addition, I have attempted to contact S M through all known avenues to find out how to file a claim. Thus far, I have received NO information on how to process my claim. Any attempt at getting copies of paperwork involved in my move have been ignored. I was told by a member of their staff that my goods would be driver to a warehouse for storage until another truck was available to pick them up to be delivered to Georgia. I have no idea how the items were stored but they left my sight in excellent condition and arrived in Georgia broken. I brought an organ I inherited that was very precious to me and several of the keys were broken. Several other irreplaceable items were broken and cannot be replaced. It is clear this company is communicative at the front end when they receive payment and not at the back end where it matters most to the consumer.

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Posted by Tina W,

Company did not deliver my mattress and box spring. Didn’t return phone calls when trying to receive information on what they were going to do about it. Since it was a brand new purchase I want them to send a check for the lost/misplaced/ stolen items.

Posted by Elizabeth B,

We moved from Nebraska to California and hired this company to move us after they gave us an estimate of $4095.87. This was after we told them the it was a 1500 sqft 3-bedroom house with a basement, shed and 3-stall garage. On 2/23/2020 Bill from *** called and he was given the inventory of the houseWhen it came to moving day the actual company that moved us. After that the cost of the move increased to $13,014.37. The day of the move a company called *** showed up to move us. When they showed up the price of the move increased to $18,163.37. After everything was loaded up we were asked when was the soonest we could take delivery, we told them 2/29/20. We left 2/28 to drive to California and arived 3/2/20. Our belongings finally arrived 3/18/20 after we had to stay in a hotel for 16 nights. We were told at that time that it would be another $3900 for a shuttle service. My brother in law spoke to Steve,the owner of *** about the increasing cost and told him that he would be contacting the Steve told him that he would take off $1400 the price but that he and his wife had to sign a form stating that they were satisifed with the service but if they would not sign the form the additional price for the shuttle was going to stand at $3900. They were also told that if they gave any negative reviews or reported them to the they would just show them that they had signed the form. So a move that we were quoted as $4095 ended up costing $20,663.37 plus the cost of staying in a hotel for 16 nighes waiting for our belongings to be delivered.

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Posted by Kim G,

I moved halfway across the country, and I booked my move through *** who outsourced the job to ***. An agent at *** did an assessment via phone of my furnished 4 bedroom home with a live in basement and provided me an estimate of a little over $3K. I signed the paperwork and put down a non-refundable deposit. The week of the move, a walkthrough of my home was performed by another agent via phone which lasted 1.5 hours since I disclosed every item in my entire home. The moving cost doubled to over $6K. Since my move and flights (I am a single mother with three babies) were a few days away, I had no choice but to agree to the new cost. The morning of the move, a mover from *** came and did an assessment and the cost increased by 100% once again, now totaling the moving cost to be over $11K. I was under duress and had no choice but to sign paperwork since I was leaving early the next morning with 3 babies and 2 dogs, which both companies knew. My house was half packed and when I spoke to the manager of ***, he informed me the pack job would be about $600-750, which I had anticipated. I had multiple moving supplies (boxes, TV boxes, mattress covers, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc.) readily available for the pack job to ensure no extra charges would incur. The pack job itself was actually done by two individuals that informed me were hired through *** by *** that morning and that their cost to pack up my entire home would have been less than $1K and that they were getting paid less than that for the pack job they were performing that day. They had also brought their own packing material as well. The mover from *** had informed me that day the cost to move the size of my home would have been $6K/$7K through their company directly so I was not sure where the additional $5K-$6K was coming from. Now my household items are essentially being held hostage unless I pay quadruple the amount that was originally agreed to.

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Posted by Katheline H,

This company was to deliver my furniture from a move they initiaed December 13. They delivered until Januarry 23 and a number of items were broken and 1 missing. Their customer service is not answering (my calls at least). And they are to reimburse me for going over the 21 days they had agreed to to take in delivering my furniture.

Posted by Therese P,

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