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Great service! We needed someone to come out fast, they made it work and got us scheduled the next morning. Keve R was great and very helpful. Thank you again!

Posted by Reporter1992005,

Alterra Pest Control is a great value; convenient, cooperative and reliable. Our Serviceman, Keve R is friendly, informative and thorough. A+ Highly recommended.

Posted by Reporter2506314,

Thank you very much! Keve R. Is very professional and is really informative on pest control.

Posted by Reporter1983557,

Giancarlo [redacted] showed up to our house with a very positive attitude. He was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend him.
Keve R. is a great technician. He took the time to explain everything about the service and expectations. He was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.

Posted by Reporter1782370,

Thank you. Service was good.

Posted by Reporter1743676,

Keve R. was great. Extremely professional and a joy to interact with. Highly recommended!

Posted by Reporter2424923,

Great job Keve R! Very professional and courteous.

Michael N.

Posted by Reporter2262220,

Keve R. and Gerard C. took care of my home for the initial visit. They were prompt, courteous and all business in getting their job done and me to get on with my day. We are off to a good start! John B.

Posted by Reporter2300762,

I recently transferred service addresses because of a move, and as always the customer service was great. Keve R. came out today and informed me of everything that he was going to do and also helped with suggestions on areas that I wanted to have sprayed. usually I would just get an outside perimeter done but since this would be the first time this house was getting treated I was advised on other options and choices. Keve was very helpful and professional and I thank them all for great service.

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Posted by Reporter1986922,

Keve R. Was my exterminator for altera! He was amazin attentitive and even fixed my hose which was totally not his job! He went out of his way and made sure my daughters play set was spider free and listened to all of my concerns!

Posted by Reporter2602041,

I have lived in Las Vegas for 15 years and never knew of this rat problem. I found one of them in my garage one night, ewww. I quickly called Alterra and they sent out Keve R. He set out traps and explained to me how to keep the rats away.

Posted by Reporter2049458,

Keve R. Just left, what a nice guy. I’ve been doing my own pest control for a few years and have noticed a lot of spiders. I don’t like spiders!!! Keve came in, explained everything they would do, and took into account my 3 pugs. Great job!!

Posted by Reporter1858386,

Keve R. arrived promptly at the beginning of my two-hour appointment window. He was professional, courteous, and thorough. I would recommend ALTERRA to my family and friends based on Keve’s performance.

Posted by Reporter1964019,

Alterra Pest Control has done outstanding work since we started using them over six months ago. Virtually no issues with pests inside and outside of our home – a great sign that their product and services work! Keve R. and the others take their jobs seriously and are professional and courteous. Very thorough with their work and explanation of the work they perform. Highly recommended!

Posted by Reporter2029878,

My service pro Keve R did an excellent job. He was very courteous and professional and helped to answer all my questions. Great job

Posted by Reporter1826316,

MIke [redacted] came for the intial inspection and treatment. He did a good job to check around and in the house for possible infestation.
Keve R was knowledgable and gave good recommendataions to prevent from getting into house from stores.

Posted by Reporter2520755,

Our Service Pro was Keve R. He was fantastic. Very helpful and professional! He was very knowledgeable and kind. He went above and beyond what we had expected. My son (7) is severly allergic to Ants and they had recently invaded our kitchen. My son wasn’t able to go anywhere near the kitchen. Since we had service and Keve helped get rid of them its been way better. He was really stoked to be able to go into the kitchen again. He did a happy dance and everything. NO MORE ANTS! Thank you Keve and thank you Alterra for your awesome service. You really have made my boy happy.

Posted by Reporter2072585,

Jeff [redacted] was a true professional. He provided me with quality customer service. I would most definitely recommend he to family an friends.

Posted by Reporter2024021,

Keve R & Gerard C were excellent. Explained it all, fast, knowledgeable, friendly and experts. Happy I switched over and will make sure the neighborhood knows how great they are!

Posted by Reporter1778526, 23302 Verdugo, Laguna Hills, California, United States, 92653

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