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I am rejecting this response because: We have already been down this road in our conversations almost daily, that is not an acceptable response due to the lack of that option even being availableThis was a warehouse sell, not a store sell, plus there are no open box refrigerators within miles of where we liveThey even admitted on the phone that there is no place to go to get this done and they would have to get involved, again not acceptableBasically they just want us to spend more money and refuse to stand by there product, open box or not it is a sell from there store and need to make it right

Posted by Reporter4060093, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] I will speak to the representative tomorrow and let you know whether or not it is acceptable I did manage to get the TV, but it shipped without the screws needed to attach the TV to the stand, so I am in the midst of dealing with both Best Buy and Samsung The TV sits in a box, unused, while everyone passes the buck

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Dear unit was shipped directly from our warehouse to our clientBest Buy received the unit as new inbox and sold it as suchIf the consumer believes that she received a refurbished unit, she should work with Apple to rectify.Kind regards, Ash E

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Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2016/01/11) */ Dear, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention After further research the customer is not entitle to any refunds, we have fully address the issue and will take no further action Best Regards,

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Hello, We are following up on our previous response to [redacted] ’s case We apologize again If Mr [redacted] did not see the Black Friday ad or disclaimer on our website for limited quantities for the holiday weekend promotions Under Conditions of Use listed on our website, it states the following: By using any Best Buy Property and its related services, products, and software, you agree to be bound by these terms (“Conditions of Use”) Information on Our Site We try to be as accurate as possibleHowever, we do not warrant that product descriptions or other Best Buy Property content is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-freePrices and promotions are subject to change, and may vary from those offered in our storesWe cannot confirm the availability or price of an item until you place your orderDespite our best efforts, rarely an item in our catalog may Order Confirmation Our order confirmation to you does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sellAt any time after receipt of your order, we may accept, decline, or place quantity or other limits on your order for any reasonWe may impose these limits on a per-person, per-household, per-order, or any other basisIf we reject, limit, or otherwise modify your order, we will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you provide to usIf we cancel an order or part of an order that we’ve already charged you for, we’ll refund you the full amount of the canceled portion of the order… We only offer this for clarificationBased on the above Conditions of Use and the quantity limits in place for our Black Friday Door Buster ad items, we would be unable to accommodate Mr [redacted] ’s purchase request Best Buy feels that this has been addressed appropriately and will not take further action on this issueRespectfully, Steven [redacted] Executive Resolution Team Best Buy Corporate Campus

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Dear [redacted] , Thank you for contacting Best Buy through the office of the Globalsolutionbusiness.comI am Larry S with the Executive Resolution Team at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters I am very sorry to hear that you have experienced a problem with the [redacted] Computer you purchased 1/15/I sincerely apologize on behalf of Best Buy for the inconvenience and frustration the matter may have caused youBest Buy exchange and return policy is days from date of purchase You did not purchase any additional Best Buy Protection Plan The [redacted] computer you purchased is cover by a yrManufacturer’s warranty The problem you are experiencing may be covered by that warrantyIt is your option to have your Data backed up and is a service that Best Buy provides at a feeWe recommend that you contact [redacted] for the warranty service and they may back up your data at no chargeThank you for your patience and again, I apologize for your experience, as we do value your business Best Buy considers this matter resolvedSincerely, Larry S

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Dear,The refund processed was tied to the order information provided by the customerThe order information provided shows one Apple computer purchased, which was refunded in store return transaction in store was linked to the specific order number provided by the customerAs such, we will be unable to provide any additional refunds off of the order provided.Thank you for making Best Buy aware of thisPlease let us know if you have any additional questions.Best,Cassie

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Dear BBB, Thank you for bringing the customer’s cell phone service fee concerns to our attention. After review, I have called the [redacted] @ ###-###-#### and left voice message. Apologized for her concern and informed her a $250.01 make good check has been requested for… customer satisfaction. Customer should receive her check within three weeks at her [redacted] ***, Thornton, PA 19373 address. Sincerely, Dean [redacted] Executive Resolution Specialist###-###-####

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Dear ( Thank you for bringing [redacted] ***’s concern regarding the auto renewal fees on the Webroot software to our attention Best Buy deeply apologizes for any frustration this situation may have caused and disappointed we did not meet their expectationsWhen customers sign the point of purchase box to verify signature, the customers agree to the terms and conditions (T&C) and renewal option of the Webroot subscription protectionThe T&C’s would be sent to customers via email address they provided or email address tied to the My BBY membership account when signing the point of purchase box in acknowledging the purchase of the WebrootThe sale would not process or go forward without customers’ signature in the point of purchase box After receiving your BB complaint, we were unable to find a charge on the original purchase receipt for the Webroot subscription as our records show you were billed on renewal fees of $3-separate times on 07/07/2014, 07/03/& 07/03/We have verified per your complaint you were refunded for the renewal fee in on 07/08/ As a customer service gesture, we will make a 1-time exception to our policy and provide three refunds of $back to the original form of payment for a total of $This is in addition to the refund already received of $detailed in the complaint in which our call center rep provided to [redacted] on 07/08/ Thank you again for making Best Buy aware of this situation Sincerely, Steven [redacted] Executive Resolution Team Best Buy Corporate Campus

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Posted by Reporter4201009,, Thank you for bringing this to our attentionWe can certainly understand the customer’s frustrationPlease know that I am not seeing any record of the customer contacting us about a lost packageLost packages would be the responsibility of the shipping party, in which a tracer would need to be filed for investigationWith that being said, in good faith as one time only exception, I have refunded the order in the full amount of $This will go back to the card used at the time of purchase, and should reflect in 1-business days, or 1-billing cycles depending on the customer’s cardThank you again for allowing Best Buy to address the customer’s concerns Regards, Sarah L

Posted by Reporter4001237, I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to mei received two calls from Noel yesterday and feel confident that the things she said will in fact happenThey will cut me a check for my requested amount and I should receive that in about four weeks thank you for your help in resolving this situationSincerely, [redacted]

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Dear,Thank you for bringing [redacted] ‘s concern to our attention.We have successfully released the funds back to the customers gift cardThe delay occurred due to a system issue which has been correctedPlease let us know if there is anything further we can assist with.Thank you,Best Buy

Posted by Reporter4147066,, Thank you for bringing this to our attentionIn good faith, our store has reached out to the customer, and is refunding him $for customer satisfactionThank you Regards, Sarah L

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Dear Thank you for this referralThis matter was resolved via my senior colleague, as the client engaged our team through another channelThank you!

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Dear,Thank you for bringing this to our attentionOur Executive Resolutions team is currently researching the customer’s experience.We have reached out to the customer via email and phone and look forward to working towards a resolution with the customer.Best regards,Daniel S

Posted by Reporter4141954,, Thank you for bringing this to our attentionPlease know that we are deeply sorry for the errorI personally contacted the customer, and have issued a refund for the furniture, tax, and shipping chargesThe total refund to the customer is $Thank you again for allowing us to opportunity to take care of our customer Regards, Sarah L

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July 6, 2016 To Whom It May Concern: Best Buy feels that we have fully addressed [redacted] ’s concerns as the check in question has been requested and is in the process of being printed and mailed. Nevertheless, please forward any additional concerns to our office… and we will respond accordingly. Sincerely, Terrance [redacted] Senior Executive Resolution Specialist Best Buy Corporate Campus

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Dear ( Thank you for bringing [redacted] ’s concern regarding the [redacted] camera purchase request to our attention Best Buy deeply apologizes for any frustration this situation may have caused and disappointed we did not meet their expectationsWe emailed Mr [redacted] on Wednesday June 7, at the email address provided offering assistance on the purchase request and are currently awaiting his reply Thank you again for making Best Buy aware of this situation Sincerely, Steven [redacted] Executive Resolution Team Best Buy Corporate Campus

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11/07/2017To whom it may concern,As it turns out, the issue was resolved in store for the customer by cancelling the order in question and reselling the device There appears to have been an issue with our order processing method, as a matter of course, we will review our order management system and update as necessary to ensure processing issues do not occur That being said, should the customer have further issues or concerns, please feel free to reach out directly for assistance

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