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I wanted to provide our response for Ms. [redacted]’s unfortunate situation with her appliances. After bringing this issue to the attention of local leadership, they were able to offer Ms. [redacted] a [redacted] check for the inconvenience she experienced. Ms. [redacted] accepted this as a resolution, and we…

consider this resolved. Please let me know if you have any questions! Kindest Cassie [redacted]

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I am rejecting this response because: their own employee, a Best Buy supervisor told me that I would receive the price adjustment and now the company is refusing to honor it’s employee’s word. This is not only poor customer service, but a bait and switch tactic, which is illegal.

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Dear, Once Again wet hank you for bringing Mr. [redacted]’s concern to our attention. As indicated in the previous response we found there is currently an open case with our insurance provider and Mr. [redacted]. This is an insurance issue and Best Buy is unable to address this with…

the customers, as they are currently working with the correct individuals to resolve this matter, Sedgwick. We do see they are currently in the process of having an appraisal of damage. We direct Mr. [redacted] to continue to work with Sedgwick on this matter. Best Buy feels that we have fully addressed Mr. [redacted]’s concerns. Best Buy has provided our final stance and that stance remains the same. Thank you,Best Buy

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Dear,  Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. First of all, we are very sorry of the setbacks endured by the customer when dealing with this.  Upon reviewing, we have verified that indeed the customer did receive a return warning for excessive returns at Best Buy on July…

of 2016. Best Buy partners with a company called The Retail Equation who monitors our returns and who has determined that indeed the customer exceeded the allowed returns. Due to this the customer was issued a 365 return warning which impeded her to make returns with us until that expired.  We do see that the customer contacted our customer service teams to inquire about returning the item by mail however the warning is still in effect and Best Buy does not allow returns by mail for items purchased at our stores.  Unfortunately, Best Buy will not be able to allow the return of the item as the customer does have a return warning on her account.  For more information around our return policy you may visit the link below.… you.

Posted by Reporter2863296,, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.   I have discussed and clarified the coverage of the 24/7 plan this customer purchased, in that mobile phones are unfortunately not covered and recommended contacting the carrier to trouble shoot the existing issues. Regards, Nick S.

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Dear,   Our return and exchange policy is designed to keep prices low and prevent unnecessary returns. Near the bottom of each receipt, the following is printed:   “Valid ID is required for returns or exchanges. ID info may be stored in a secure, encrypted database used for tracking…

returns & exchanges. Best Buy reserves the right to deny any return. Full return and exchange policies are online at”    Additionally, on under the Return & Exchange Policy heading, the following is displayed: “When you return or exchange an item in store, we require a valid photo ID. Some of the information from your ID will be stored in a secure database used to track returns and exchanges. Based on return/exchange patterns, some customers will be warned that subsequent returns and exchanges will not be eligible for returns or exchanges for 90 days. Customers who are warned or have been denied an exchange/return may request a copy of their Return Activity Report by calling ###-###-#### or by mail at [redacted], Irvine, CA 92619-1373. Please be prepared to provide your transaction ID, ID number, full name, address and phone number.”   I understand that the circumstances surrounding the reasons for your returns and exchanges may fall in a gray area. Unfortunately, the system in the store does not allow an override to the denial.  Thank you, Ash E.

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Dear,   The customer received 2,499 new member bonus points from a purchase on 3/27/2017. On 4/10/2017 he returned that product, and before those 2,499 points were removed from his account, he used a $50.00 certificate for a purchase on 4/11/2017.   Best Buy feels that we have fully address the customers concerns. Best Buy has provided our final stance and that stance remains the same.   Nevertheless, please forward any additional concerns to our office and we will respond accordingly.    Thank you, Bethany H.

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Dear,The Local Store has been trying to reach Maria by phone, but has had no response.  If the customer wishes to callor go into the store she can speak with Cindy the General Manager or Kerrie the Assistant Store Manager whowill be happy to provide a refund or the customer can pick out…

another phone.

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February 20, 2018     To Whom It May Concern:   Best Buy feels that we have fully addressed [redacted] Jr.’s concerns  in the previous correspondence forwarded to your office on February 15th, 2018 and our position remains unchanged.  Nevertheless, please forward any additional concerns to our office and we will respond accordingly.    Sincerely,   Sincerely,       Terrance [redacted] Sr. Executive Resolution Specialist Best Buy Corporate Campus

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Dear,   Thank you for bringing the customer’s order return concerns to our attention. Customer’s total purchase refund has been processed. Due to the customer’s delivery/refund experience, a $[redacted] Best Buy Gift Card was issued to [redacted] and business partner.   …

Sincerely,   Dean [redacted] Executive Resolution Specialist ###-###-####

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Dear, We have researched this matter further. Mr. [redacted] was issued a Warning in November 2015 that future returns may be denied. This warning was issued due to the large percentage of his purchase dollars that were returned or exchanged, and it is why he was denied this attempted…

return. We will be unable to lift this restriction.  Thank you,  Dan S.Best Buy Executive Resolution Team

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Dear Thank you for sending this on for our review. I can imagine how terribly disheartening this experience is for the client. The Terms and Conditions of your plan constitute the entire agreement with respect to the services and benefits provided and they do not cover accidental damage. Best…

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Buy cannot account for one-off conversations between employees and customers; therefore, we ensure the terms are provided in an official format for customer’s reference, which the terms also reference, “Employees and agents of Best Buy have NO AUTHORITY to alter or modify the terms and conditions of this Plan – either orally or in writing.” If the customer would like to cancel his protection plan, I can do so for them and issue a prorated refund, which is approximately $230. Thank you!

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Dear,   Thank you for bringing Mr. [redacted]’s concerns to our attention. We apologize for any frustration or inconvenience this may have caused the customer.   The product the customer purchased does not come with a power cord nor hoses for installation, and a dishwasher kit would…

need to be purchased. The customer may visit to buy a kit or check product availability at local stores. The product page for the item the customer purchased indicates that required parts for installation are sold separately, and customers may add them to their cart when shopping online.   Best Buy is not the manufacturer of the product, and customers would need to purchase a power cord and hoses separately at other major retailers as well. The manufacturer’s installation instructions at their website also indicate that additional parts are needed to complete installation including the power cord.   Best Buy considers the matter closed.

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I am rejecting this response because:
Best Buy Case #: [redacted]The TV was purchased in 2015 and I had made multiple attempts to get someone to look into my case in 2016 but with exhausting failure. Until now, when a friend of mine had a similar situation and told me how they finally got in contact with someone through the complaint system. The case number should indicate how many times I tried to reach the store manager and spoke with the 1800 customer service department. After the store manager or any other associate would provide any form of contact for the District Manager – I eventually got it from one of the phone reps but not to my surprise every time I sent an email to District Manager it failed every time (error message: address not found) The information I was given:Patrick [redacted] And if you guys are able to look up my purchases from the receipt you can clearly see I always made purchases from your company including my first TV, MacBook Pro, iPad, [redacted] Note 3 Tablet and many more electronics – if I was attempting to pull a “fast one” than would’t there some sort of pattern with past purchases? Does my customer loyalty over the years not show a bit of trustworthiness? Is this the first a time a TV might of been removed from a box and placed in a different box in the inventory department during the holiday sales? I simply feel like I was selected in a biased manner by the staff to seem like I am trying to return a TV for a better model! I have the receipt, I have a long history of purchases with your company, I mean what more can I do or say to just get what I paid for? Please take ownership of this as a business and take care of a loyal consumer like any honest and respectful business would do! The response of me trying to return a “damaged” tv which never happened because I never brought the TV to the store should prove that the some not all of the staff at the store lack credibility and integrity.

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Dear, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. According to our records we were only able to locate one order associated with this based on the contact information provided. That phone is shown to have been returned to the store in Yorba Linda, CA on 11/27/17. If the phone was…

returned, Mr. [redacted] would not be eligible for any promotion associated. If there is another order or purchase that was made, please have him provide the order number or the customer service pin number from his receipt. We will gladly look into this further.  Sincerely, Dan S. Best Buy

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Dear Mr. [redacted] – We have reached out to the Fresno, CA Pacific Sales store and they are aware of this issue.  We’re sorry that it wasn’t corrected in 2013 and that you have had problems with the refrigerator.  I have requested that the store replace your refrigerator with a comparable…

model in the price range that you paid in 2013.  Please work with the store to facilitate the exchange of your current refrigerator for a new one. Regards,Amy C.

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I am rejecting this response because:One of the shipping addresses used is not in fact a Freight Forwarder and outlines this on their website as linked below.

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Better Business…

On June 9, the Geek Squad called to say that they did NOT have a replacement door, and that I would have to accept a different type of microwave. This did NOT satisfy me, and I pointed out that if they had the same microwave in their store, that they could take that door off and put it on mine, since it was not MY fault that the door was broken. They acted like they had never heard of nor thought of that idea, and said they would talk to the manager and see if this was an option. It was, and the Geek Squad guy found a door and brought it to us, and put it on the microwave. If I had not pressed and pressed, they would NOT have resolved the problem to my satisfaction. They obviously had not read the part of the complaint where I said what would satisfy me, since they made quite the opposite offer.I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that, after further negotiation, this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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I am rejecting this response because:
why do I need to do the work for this? its your company take responsibility, those accounts were closed, money is owed. or you can see me in small claims.

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Dear, We have reviewed the order for [redacted] and determined an investigation was opened through UPS but the customer was never refunded. On 3/29/16, I processed the credit of $116.59. [redacted] should see the refund on the account shortly. The amount of time it takes is dependent on the…

financial institution that administers the card. Typically it is 3-5 business days. Thank you, Dan [redacted] Best Buy Executive Resolution Team Dan [redacted] Senior Specialist | Executive Resolution Team

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