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Pool deck built unsafe it rocks & is leaning against pool. Called to have them come back and they have blown me off for weeks. Injury will occur.
After many attempts to have them back to fix the problems I have lost all contact with them. They were very surprised that the cuts are not accurate and he admitted to not checking the employees work, who I know is not a carpenter, who also got fired the day after my deck was done. They said they would come and fix anything we are not happy with. After getting into a back and forth with pictures of the horrible job done, they were going to come back and fix it all. But after days of trying to get them here it is now silent not even a text or call back. We have screws sticking up from the floor boards, one half of the floor boards didn’t even have screws in the ends, the posts are not even, the cuts are way off, we asked for the wood to be cut back a tiny bit so we could put our cover on, and it looks like my 11 year old did it. It is not a finish carpentry job that I was promised. The deck is shaking back and forth and is leaning against my pool. It’s an unsafe deck and will now have to fix it myself and put more money into this. I have tried many times to get in touch with them, to even have them take it down and give my money back and still nothing.
I have attached pictures which do not do it justice. We have screws that are not even screwed into boards to make it safe.

Posted by Danielle H,

I would like my money back so I can get a safe deck for my son to be able to enjoy the pool.

Bill’s Roofing and Siding Response
• Aug 18, 2020

From: todd r***
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2020 4:02 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint Case# 255592 (Ref#53-205818-255592-8-400)

This 11 by 11 deck was built right to the contract.
Ounce built shes been asking for tons of changes and this will not happen.
Our contract was done by everything shes asked us to do. This case is closed in my eyes and I will not respond again.
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Customer Response
• Aug 18, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Your contract states to the customers satisfaction. I have text messages from you saying that you didn’t check your employees work and fired him the next day. You admitted to work not done correctly. The changes we wanted would be apart of the build for example screws into the ends of the boards that attach to the frame, or the spindles not lining up and are all the different length, or how about the frame is off centered and we had to put a beam in because it was pushing on my pool. You even said in a text that you will come back and fix them. I understand about the gate, that we would of paid for extra. I would still love to show you these mistakes, cuts are not even measured correctly, again from your employee or yourself. Measure twice cut once was not the case here. I have many pictures and texts to back this up.

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