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I just recently purchased an Ematic EWT8.9″ HD Quad – Core – in – PCIt is definitely a light device if you’re thinking about the portabilityAt first, I was having trouble opening the Office app on the deviceHowever, that turned out to be a manufacturer’s defect and I received an exchange for a new oneI feel that the only problem I have with this tablet is that there isn’t much memory left after all the Window and other Ematic programs to install other apps Otherwise, I think it is great!

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Just purchased the CD Boombox with Bluetooth Audio and SpeakerphoneI bought this for my year old granddaughterThe sound is good and it’s nice that we can run Pandora through the bluetooth into the boomboxThe boombox is small and compact, great for a young person

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I returned an Ematic tablet within 90daysIt took them business days to acknowledge it’s receiptTell me it will take another 6-weeks
Purchased ematic EGQtablet in Dec Cord didn’t fit properly and had to be held to get it to chargeDevice crashes constantlyWhen I contacted Ematic in March 2016, they agreed to replace it within the day free replacement planI returned it as instructed, and the USPS tracking confirmed it’s receipt on 4-4-However, customer service could not confirm it was received until today, April XX XXXXtoday I was told it will be another 6-weeks until I get a replacement tabletI asked for a supervisor or someone who could assist in getting a quicker resolution but was told there is nothing that can be doneI just have to wait 6-weeks

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I purchased an EMATIC inch quad core, serial number ***, Android tabletI purchased it for roughly $and I also purchased a $three-year warranty from a store other than EMATIC, so I can’t review on company serviceThis review is on an EMATIC tablet.,I must say I am extremely pleased with my purchase It is doing everything that I was looking for at an extremely low priceIt is perfect for android and Google playThis tablet is very good in regards to speed and accuracyThe only negative I would say is the clarity of the display could be better for my taste, but I would take a display with a fast and accurate operating system over the reverse any dayYou can’t ask for a better tablet for the moneyI am very pleased with my purchase and I would definitely recommend this tablet 100%I also want to say the camera isn’t the best but you can always take pictures on another deviceI wanted this tablet to play games on, Google services, and to surf the Internet and it has exceeded my expectations Thank you Ematic for a great product!

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Very good mount for reasonable priceWe are extremely pleased with ease of installation and functioning of device

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I recently purchased a Blue Tooth speaker (Rugged Life, ***) made by Ematic which I am super happy withI rarely purchase anything computer or phone related without looking at all the products out there on the shelfI needed a Bluetooth speaker which had a great sound, plenty of volume, was small enough to travel with, could be charged via USB port, could be connected via Bluetooth or an AUX cable to my Smart Phone, Laptop, PC Monitor and, didn’t break the bankI had just about given up looking for a Bluetooth speaker that met all my requirements when I stumbled across the ***IT IS AWESOME!!! Most manufactures seem to stretch the truth and exaggerate the capabilities of their products but, Ematic definitely is not like most manufacturesThey advertise these Bluetooth speakers to have a range of feet and a battery life of hoursUsing them in my shop and outdoors, I have had no problem with the speakers reaching over feet and, I get a battery life of 6-hours with the volume turned up to about 75%Note: I am years old and my hearing is not what it used to be so, I need the volume turned up a bit higherI would recommend these Bluetooth speakers as I have found nothing I do not like about them and, my wife claims I am very picky! The price was way below all the other Bluetooth speakers in this size range out there and at first, I thought the store had them miss-marked so, when they rang up at the cash register as labeled, I got even more excited! It is refreshing when a manufacturer makes a very good product at a very competitive priceIn the future, I will definitely be looking at more of their products based off of my satisfaction with these Bluetooth speakers!

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I am actually surprised how satisfied I am with my ematic *** HD Quad Core tabletI wasn’t expecting much for the price though this tablet performs very well with streaming video and the display is vividWith the audio player I am using makes listening to my music in the car easy because of the responsive touch screen and the audio output is qualityThe connection is strong and the distance is surprisingThe battery life is good I can use my tablet all day on the over night chargeWith *** lollipop I got all the apps I wanted except a weather widget but no big dealI have Skype so I can even make phone calls from my tabletIt only has 1gig of RAM though it multitasks with out a problemI suggest this tablet to anyone who is not able to spend hundreds of dollars for one because it isn’t only affordable it is qualityI am glad I purchased this for sure

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Love this product! Its very durable and kid friendlyI have absolute control over what my child can watch and keep up with what he’s learningI would definitely recommend this for anyone with small children

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It has been over months since I contacted by phone Ematic regarding my son’s PBS Playtime PadI was told by the representative that I did not have to respond to the emails but that Ematic would be in touch with me regarding the padThe representative agreed to escalate my issue since I felt that a full replacement was warranted
Firstly, the product is defectiveMy son has used it for less than months and then it basically explodedThank goodness he was nowhere near the device when this happened otherwise he may have been severally injured
I was told that this product would not be replaced because it was past warrantyI explained to the representative that this was not acceptable given the nature of the situationMy son did not cause any damage to this product nor was it left in any place that would have caused this
Needless to say, this has been poor customer service on the part of Ematic, very poor follow through and it seems that you do not stand by your productsThis was not inexpensive toy and obviously of poor quality if within less than months of use it completely falls apart
I would appreciate a response, an apology and a full replacement or refund
I should receive a free replacementMy child could have been seriously injured but thankfully was not near it when it happenedDo they not understand that a child could have been injured by their product?
When they finally sent me a shipping label to return the product, it was not an appropriate label and the USPS would not take the packageI have been waiting over a week to receive a proper shipping labelVery poor customer service

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I purchased the Ematic MPVideo Player and absolutely love it!
The quality is excellent as is the performanceI would recommend this product as well as any this company manufacturesSupport is available although the functions haven’t warranted any since I purchased

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The product works very well for meThe pictures are very clear and the sound is clearI am very happy with the product

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I purchased a defective Sprout Chubby Tablet from Walmart in March 2016, this company claimed they fixed it but sent me another defective device
I purchased two Sprout Chubby tablets in March as Easter gifts for my daughtersAfter about two to three months of use, one of the tablets stopped working and the screen would no longer displayI called Ematic who after giving me the run around about my receipt finally approved the replacement, I had to pay to ship the device and wait a couple of weeks before I receive a “NEW” tabletI received the tablet, charged it and set it up and after ONE DAY of using it, the screen was not working AGAINTHEY SENT ME ANOTHER DEFECTIVE DEVICE!!

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I got the EPkit speaker and I love it t is easy to use in any device, you could do anything and it is small which makes it easy to carry on the go

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After an almost week wait, they replaced a defective device with another defective device
I ordered a Sprout Cubby for my daughter from Walmart.com which arrived on March 25, Less than a month later, the device stopped workingAccording to their instructions I sent the device to them with RMA XXXXXXThey received it on May 2, and I received the replacement today June 16, I tried to follow the setup instructions so my daughter could use when she woke up from her nap but couldn’t because half of the screen wasn’t responding! I called customer service and was told I would have to go through the 6-week return process againWhen I advised the rep that I found that unacceptable and requested a refund, she said “we don’t do that” and offered no other solution

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I bought a glass shelf that mounts onto my wall and it was very simple to use and it looks great

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My product arrived broken and when I contacted the company for warranty service they have given me a total runaround and won’t honor their warranty
My TV stand came broken I have called the company twice to get warranty service and sent emails They just give me problems not solutions Their latest solution is for me to ship the unit and pay shipping both ways and then if it is deemed defective they will send me one in 6-weeks The product only cost $so shipping would be more than the product is worth I have also complained to Amazon.com about my experience and encouraged Amazon to stop carrying their products as many others have complaints with this company

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This unit is small and light I was able to use it without reading any literature
I wish that the power cord was a little longer It is shorter than the cord from my other equipment

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We are very happy with this ematic tabletIt is very easy to useMy wife is new to the computing worldThis has been easy for her to operateWe could not be happier with the ease of use and also the price pointThis is an excellent product for an entry level user as well as an experienced user that just needs a tablet for day to day “in front of the customer” useGood product….excellent priceI have actually recommended this unit to family membersI’ll be picking one up for myselfI am a customer service repThe size of the unit makes it easy to take onsite in front of a customer

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I like the size of the tabletI like the sleekness of itVery easy to manage my apps

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