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MrGarrett W*** was hired to represent my father in front of an immigration judge to help him with his legal status in the United StatesMrGarrett W*** practices law in Phoenix Arizona was hired by my father *** *** *** who is currently being detained at El Paso, TX processing jailThat was not the agreement that my father and MrW*** hadThis is the reason for my complaintMy father is now in jail has to remain there for a minimum of months all, because MrGarrett W*** did not represent him in person in El Paso, TX after the fact that my father already paid him $dollars for his servicesMrGarrett made excuses to why he could not make it to El Paso and has yet to prove thatHe also missed my fathers court hearing and now my father is being detainedMrGarrett W*** is an unfair lawyer and needs to withdraw my father motion of representation, because my father no longer want MrW*** to represent himMy father was able to speak to MrW

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This is an unfounded claim.  The individual who filed this false accusation has failed to communicate with my client and or family members concerning this case.  This dispute needs to be removed immediately, as I cannot share details because of attorney/client confidentiality….

 However, my client’s case has effectively been withdrawn and everything else is being expedited, despite this slanderous accusation.

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