Hibaiogloinc Ketopure/ trimm Max

Abigail – Oct 22, 2020

First I didn’t know I was buying these expensive pills. They are supposed to
Support Keto weight loss. Have gained weight! These are definitely a rip-off! I am a senior citizen on a low income and can’t afford $203.88 for a one month supply with no explanation or support!

Raul – Sep 02, 2020

Victim Location 37128

Total money lost $118.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They charge shipping for a trial/sample of their product and then less than a month later (17days) take over $100 more off of your cc and say it was some kind of trial for only 17 days and that is the full price of the sample keto pills. They have nothing about a full price and are also at another number of 18774326262. I spoke to a Rome and Dominic at two different #’s who told me 18554355713-Rome (number my cardholder gave me for the withdrawal) and Dominic @ 18774326262 which is actually the number for a website wtphemp.com (that does not have any keto pill product) who advised he works with Rome and gave me different stories about why i was charged even giving me a return mechandise authorization# then advising later on our call that I was not ever getting a cent of my money back after having told me if i returned the product i could get back 80% of the money they took out of my account that was unauthorized. They also sent me a confirmation email of my cancelation of their product from [email protected] which does not make sense as I had never ordered a product from wtphemp.com.

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