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Integrity Spas[redacted]
April 8, Serving Greater Kansas City[redacted]
RE: Case #: [redacted]
This is in response to a complaint we received regarding our
customer [redacted].  The customer’s
spa did…

receive minor cosmetic panel damage during shipping which did not
impact the customers use of the spa.  Unfortunately,
there was a delay in getting the replacement panels from our panel
supplier.  It was certainly our intention
to resolve this issue in a timelier manner and profusely apologize for the
delay.  We have communicated with Mr.
[redacted] during this process.  The good
news is the replacement panels have been shipped via UPS.  The UPS tracking number is [redacted].  All concerns have been resolved to the
customer’s satisfaction. 
Integrity Spas[redacted]###-###-####

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Integrity Spas[redacted]
April 7, 2015 Serving Greater Kansas City[redacted]
RE: Case #: [redacted]
This is in response to a complaint we received regarding our
customer [redacted].  The

e-mail was sent to [redacted] at [redacted] on 3/25/15:
[Hi [redacted], 
Thank you for the e-mail.  I just called and left you a
voice mail.
We received your complaint with the regarding the TV
Elevator Motor for your spa.  In your complaint you state that you believe
we were formally known as [redacted].  This is not true.  We
have no affiliation with [redacted].  I am familiar with the review
that you found and we believe this was posted by a competitor trying to soil
our name.
The UPS number was not fake.  We have had an issue with
our fulfillment center in Los Angeles which is why your TV Elevator Motor has
not shipped yet.  All of the parts, including the TV Elevator Motors, are
currently en route to our facilities in Leawood, KS.  We expect them to
arrive by the end of this week.  We will overnight the TV Elevator Motor
to you and also provide you a credit on your card in the amount of $29.99 for
the delays.
Please feel free to e-mail or call toll free ###-###-#### with any questions or concerns.
The TV Elevator Motor was shipped overnight on 3/25/15.  The UPS tracking number is [redacted].  We are providing the customer a refund of the
$29.99 price as a way of apologizing for the delay in shipping the part.
With regards to the other issues mentioned in the complaint,
the spa was delivered in November of 2013. 
The customer contacted us in June of 2014 experiencing a flow
issue due to dirty filters.  This likely
caused the issue with the heating element that was replaced under warranty in
February of 2015.  The spa controls are
programmed through the topside control. 
It is unusual to have to reprogram the spa, however sometimes children
or even adults can accidentally enter the programming functions of the spa and
modify them.  Power loss and power surges
can sometimes require the spa to revert to the default programming.  It is a simple process to reprogram the spa
through the topside control to the desired functions.  It doesn’t appear we have not been notified
by the customer of any valves breaking but we will be happy to replace any
under warranty.  Please contact us directly at ###-###-#### with any concerns.  To our knowledge all
concerns have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
Integrity Spas[redacted]###-###-####

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