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Posted by Reporter3431213,

Review: An evening dress was left at King’s Cleaners for its’ first cleaning.

When the garment was picked up and paid for the owner of the store informed me that the glue used to adhere the sequence on the gown was of inferior quality and every single one of them had come off during the dry cleaning process. He informed me that he read and followed the directions on the care tag and has no idea what caused that and solely blamed me and the manufacturer for the damage. I thought this was a little strange but did not push the issue, I took it home and showed my wife.

She inspected the garment and the tag which clearly states hand wash only. (I have had several hand wash only items laundered here without issue in the past several years.)

When I returned to consult the owner of the store about the error he began to yell at me. He actually told me he read the tag, noticed that it said hand wash only but made the assumption that I told him to dry clean it so he listened to me instead of the care instructions. He then proceeded to blame Ralph Lauren for gluing the sequence onto the garment. This was clearly not how the garment was constructed, there is an over layer of fine thread that ran through each individual sequin and no visible glue. We contacted the Ralph Lauren about this item and they assured us there was no glue used on the dress.

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Digital copies of all information is available for review if required.Desired Settlement: I do not think I should have to be subjected to the owners hostility any further and would like to have a check for the item destroyed by his services mailed to my residence.

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