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Ordered trash service from MW Hauling. MW Hauling failed to pick up trash. My name is [redacted] and my address is [redacted]. I recently chose M&W hauling to provide trash pickup for my residence. I called they delivered the trashcan the next day. The following week I put my trash on the side of the road on 10/28 and the trash was not picked up. The following week the trash was still not picked up. I called on Wednesday 10/30 and [redacted] told me that she would put in an order for the trash to be picked up on Thursday. Friday Morning 11/8 the trash was still there. I called at 7:21 and [redacted] told me should would try to pick up the trash today. That answer was not good enough for me. I told her that I would like to have my trash picked up along with the trash can and I am cancelling my service and I would like a refund. I asked her what was the cancellation policy and she said what was I talking about.On 11/12 I was home when the trash drive came through the neighborhood and I waived him down and he finally picked up the trash. The office told me that they would pick up the trash can and refund me my money. Instead I was sent a bill for $43.00. I paid for the service for three months in advance $64.50 because the company told me their policy was quarterly payments. I made the payment via check for $64.50 and it was cashed on 10/28. The Acct# is [redacted]. I have tried to resolve this matter numerous times and [redacted] keeps telling me she cancelled the service and will give me a refund but instead I receive a bill for something I already paid for. Desired SettlementI would like for the company to pick up their trash can and recycle bin out of my yard. I would like to cancel my service and receive a refund for the months of November and December. A total refund of $43.00 out of the $64.50 that I paidFinal Consumer Response MW Hauling refunded my money. Received check on 12/2/2013.

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