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Review: I went to NuBest salon, on [redacted], to get my hair colored. Upon my arrival I spoke to the color tech and asked her to keep my hair color, which was a dark brown, and just to freshen it up and add some subtle highlites. She changed the base color to make it a little darker and then started to foil my hair as she started to take the foils out my hair turned yellow and orange! I asked her if she is going to fix this and she said not to worry we will put a toner in and it will tone the color down. Once she washed in a toner she asked the assistant to get her a different toner because it turned bright red and orange then she had me dry it and then she added more color as to which the assistant gasped in horror as she seen my hair color. I told her I was very unhappy and she needed to fix it. The colorist then added more chemicals which burned my hair causing my hair to become very dry and it started to break as she combed it. I then asked her to repair my hair back to the way it was and she put in a darker color to cover the orange, yellow and red hair. I then was approached by two employees of the salon, I’m assuming the managers, and they had told me I had to pay for the hilites, a base color as well as the color to repair my hair along with all the products she used on my hair! I asked to speak to the owner and he never came to speak to me and they told me I had to pay for the hair even though she messed up and I was unhappy. I refused to pay for the hilites but did pay for the single process to which they were unhappy because they wanted the full payment. To make a long story short, I paid $100 for hair that I was very very unhappy with and spent 4 hours fixing. I now have burnt over processed hair that has a lot of breakage.Desired Settlement: I would like to be refunded the $100 I had paid since they were the ones that ruined my hair. I don’t believe they handled the situation properly.

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At this time, I have not been contacted by NuBest salon and spa regarding complaint ID [redacted].


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