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EPA Violators that sells a shoddy product
If you bought a wiring harness from this place in the last 15years and are having reliability issues and unexplained blown ignition modules sensors and switches..Its not your mechanic ,tuner or shoddy autoparts. Its Ron Francis’ wiring harnesses.

They dont wrap their harness to protect against EMI and RF interferrence and they use general purpose relays that arent protected for flyback which basically stungun shocks your harness and ECU everytime you start your car/truck.

This company is a huge EPA violator and puts resistors that trick the ecu into believing everythings all hooked up and legal meanwhile its highly illegal and deception.

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And just so everyone doesnt think Im adding fluff to the already stunning facts against Scott Bowers read the reply he made back in 2016 where he will offer a full refund if the harness is returned in factory like condition and that includes installing it because in order to install it as you have to alter the harness to make the connections…

This Guy thinks hes a clever weasel but soon the BBB and SCA are gonna take his 3 business licenses away and the EPA is gonna screw him with a cactus and them hes gonna he on the receiving end of a classaction lawsuit to top it off…LOL

Your days are numbered Scott…You should of been more receptive plus paid for what your shoddy product inflicted damage to which is everything in the lowest photo and this would of just went away.

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But your lack of business ethics and the lack of taking the course also not going to a real engineering school is gonna be your ultimate downfall…LOL

Enjoy the fallout due to your insulance…

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Here’s pictures of the relay they use against a proper relay that’s diode protected.

If you look at the Grey standard brand Relay youll notice an extra component circuit path added between 85 and 86. That’s the flyback circuit protection…

The general purpose relay Ron Francis uses is unprotected and makes you wonder of the validity of Scott Bowers wiring expertise if he doesn’t recognize and correct the issue even after I called him to tell him and I worked for the DOD and built wiring harnesses that were EMI and RF shielded as well as circuits protected by diodes and was told that Im an i[censored] and get everything I got.

Not Scott Bowers and that should raise an issue, especially when he doesn’t even use 100% copper wire either…

Plus this weasel is having me banned from forums keeping me from revealing the truth,

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January 5, 2016I’m writing in response to the letter we received today regarding [redacted]’s complaint [redacted].Learning of our customer’s displeasure is disappointing. To my knowledge, this is the first complaint of its kind ever for Ron Francis Wiring. We try very hard to satisfy our customers…

needs. We typically cater to a custom car market where lead times are understood. However, this item would normally be in stock but occasionally backorders do occur due to seasonal volumes, etc. This item in question is a very complicated harness that is not available elsewhere.In the course of our 40 years of business we have had to modify our business practices. Years ago we did not bill or charge customers until time of shipping. However, approximately 15 years ago we had to begin charging customers at time of order due to producing custom products only to find out that payment means, mainly credit card, would not complete.For the record, I do show this customer’s order was placed on 11-27-15, not 10-27-15 per Customer’s Statement of the Problem. Additionally, this customer’s order was shipped on 12-30-15 and was delivered on 1-4-16, [redacted]. Due to a promotion, the customer has already received free shipping on this order and no additional discounts are available. Product is eligible for complete refund if returned in “as shipped from manufacturer” condition.Please do not hesitate to contact me if needed.Thank you,Scott B

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