Star Truck Driving School- Oswego

Read Star Truck Driving School- Oswego reviews to check if Star Truck Driving School- Oswego legit or scam.

Before you are looking into schools do your homework. Closer school isn’t always better. This school has very very poor customer service. I’m speechless how I was treated. The people helping you to get a permit is NOT instructor but a secretary!! The office staff is multitasking taking in students – answering the phone – billing – reviewing paperwork- swearing – it is very very noisy and disruptive place to learn. With all that noise and disruptive how are you going to learn? I know there is 3 locations some instructors go to different locations. So please check into all 3 of them. The instructors also talk about you and other students can hear. I have also been put down by a office member. I will not be made to feel crap nor will I let someone get the best of me. I do pray that you get help for your issues though. I will put the word out there for others so they know what they are getting into. Please look into what you are getting into before you start any school.
Best of luck…
Btw I had to click on one star but if I could it would be a big fat O down to this school.

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