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Read Two Men & A Truck reviews to check if Two Men & A Truck legit or scam. I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution will obviously not be fulfilled I find it unreasonable to go through all of our things in the storage facility We were unable to move into our home prior to that time Further more the company failed to inform us or my cousin of the hours stipulation At this time Two Men and a Truck are obviously not going to help us so I will contact my aunt who is a district attorney here in Indiana who can recommend a good small claims lawyer You are reassured we will not use this company and neither will our friends or family Regards, [redacted]

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In response to [redacted] complaint that we damaged his home Numerous attempts were made by our office to schedule someone to come out and review the damage in question; no response was received despite various methods of correspondence We document all types of communication with the customer on an internal, timestamped system When the movers arrived at the location, it was deemed that either an additional trip would be needed or a second truck would need to be dispatched due to the size and number of his items [redacted] refused the second truck and said he didn’t care how long it took them, he only wanted one truck A spot check was performed on the move by the Move Manager The Manager stayed and assisted the men with many large pieces; the customer was not charged for this additional person A move-in-progress call was placed by our office during the move and [redacted] claimed that everything was going goodWe have not been given the opportunity to review the damages in question

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
We did reach an agreement that they would pay for the damages but they stipulated that it would be pending removal of this complaint. As stated by the, the complaint cannot be removed. To date, a check has not been received from the business. Once a check is received, this complaint will be considered resolved. Update: Yes, I did receive the check as promised. Case closed.Regards,
*** ***

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The police investigation has not turned up anything
At this point we do not want to drag this out any furtherWe have already
refunded the $for the tipI spoke with the customer and let her know that
these things do take time but we would reimburse her $100 for the lost
itemThe customer agreed to thisI also informed the customer that we would continue
with the police investigation per our internal processes and whatever the outcome
is, it would not affect her reimbursementOn behalf of Two Men And A Truck, I
apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused

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The customer’s desired resolution was a refund of $that she paid usWe have agreed with that. We still have not deposited the $1000 checkI can send it back to the customer or void it and shred itIt is completely up to the customer

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Our General Manager has been in contact with the customerThey have agreed upon a settlement and the check was mailed out today

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I wanted to write a great review for the movers of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK! A family member of mine needed to have a large amount of furniture moved and I came to the house to help orchestrate the moveI have never been more impressed with these MEN that came in to move herNot only were they professional, efficient and worked continuously but I truly was in awe as to how well they communicated with each otherJohn *** was the one in charge and he could not have been any nicer He was accompanied by David ***, Jason *** and Demetrus *** Each man was talented and made us feel very comfortable with the whole experienceI would NEVER hesitate to recommend them to my closest friends and familyAgain I cannot express how well this team of men worked together in a very positive relationshipWish I could figure out how to write corporate about these guys! I will keep trying

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***, I am sorry for the delay in the refund check getting to youThe check will be overnigtomorrowSorry for any inconvenience this has caused youI hope you have a wonderful week

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The order was placed on April 18, Despite several conversations with the owner about the time of installation, we are still waiting
The original order date was april 18, Despite several conversations since that date about such issues as type of pole to be used for the signs and assurances that installation would occur at dates in June and then by July 3rd, we are now told again that the poles are still on back orderHow hard can it be to get these poles?
We believe that this continued delay is not excusable and want the agreement for the signs cancelledIt has been too long for this order to be completed

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*** *** does not work for Two Men And A TruckAccording to the letter you included he works at “*** ** *** *** *** ***”

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Our General Manager has reached out to the customer yesterday and left a message to discuss a settlementWaiting on response

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** *** This matter has been settledEven this response is false, I would think because I agreed to a monetary settlement Two Men and a Truck would just apologize publicly as they have done on the letter they sent with my check

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After checking our records for both our *** *** and *** locations, we do not have any record of moving this customer and we do not have any manager named *** working for us. We believe that she may have used another Two Men and a Truck office for her move. Can the customer
please check their paperwork for their move to see if they have the right offices?

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*** *** was
originally scheduled for men and truck on Saturday, 6/ I could not
find the original estimate phone call because *** *** did not call in from a
phone number in our customer profile On June 17, *** called in and
spoke to *** ** who updated ***
*** move to address and rescheduled *** *** for
Friday, 6/ When *** attempted to discuss the estimate time of to
hours, *** stated that it won’t take that long because they are going to have
everything packed up and at the curb for the men when they arrived and that
they would be helping to move everything
On move day, we only had
staffing for men *** *** move was revised and changed from Men /
truck @ 172/hr to Men / truck @ / hrfor 8-hrsThe total move
took hours, but *** *** was given a credit of hours for our
employees taking breaks of which the men state they took somewhere between
and minutes off throughout the day The total cost of *** *** move
was $ With the original Men / truck would have taken between
and hours to complete with the changes to the inventory and the
additional walk times
Customer detail notes
said she did not want to disassemble the crib, she just wanted the crib shrink
wrapped and padded and taken out to the truck
When the men showed up
to the house it was an extremely long walk from where you had to park the
truck You had to go up steps to go through a door to get into the
building Then you had to go down steps to get to the ground level the
customer’s apartment was on and then walk down the hallway Especially in
a long move with lots of inventory, this extra distance can increase the time
it takes to complete a move
The customer had boxes
that were color coded as to which room they went into, but they also had a lot
of miscellaneous items which were not on the inventory The husband was
primarily at the load location with the , wife, baby and young child at the
unload location *** and the kids brought food to the men The
customer states that they only moved one mile down the road She also
states that they lived in a square foot apartment and that the move was
huge since she had a family of four
The customer did not
help with the move or have anything out at the curb before the men arrived as
she promised, which The men had to carry a lot of miscellaneous items
to the truck There were boxes and totes on the inventory list
In reality, the customer had to boxes by *** *** own admission
as well as the testimony of the men.
One of the *** *** complaints was that the men were exhausted when they arrived at job site
because they had been on a move ahead of hers The men departed for *** *** at 8:am and arrived at 8:am They did not have a job ahead
of *** *** and they were not tired when they showed up *** *** had
a very skilled and experienced move crew that has shown great longevity on big
*** *** states that
the move was “messy” and cannot give any specific complaints ***
*** also said the men were “dropping stuff” There were no
damages on the move, and *** *** could not explain what “messy”
means *** *** says it took such a long time and laughs when she tries
to give specific examples of her dissatisfaction
*** *** was unhappy
that they had to take the crib apart to move it The crib would not go
through the door without being taken apart, so the husband took it apart
I am not aware of any crib that will go through a doorway without being
taken apart, so I did not find this surprising
*** *** had a lot of
glass that the men had to pad and wrap to secure on the load At the
unload site *** *** states that she was unhappy that the men left the boxes
on one side of one of the rooms The family’s small child was playing
video games in that room and the men tried not to disturb him or get in his
way They left the boxes in a location in which they did not have to
disturb the child
There were a child and
baby underfoot during a lot of the move that the men had to work around
The men had to disassemble a baker’s rack to remove it from the
apartment The husband had to take some open boxes with chemicals and
other items in them in his own car because they contained items not allowed on
the truck The truck was completely packed full
*** *** states that a
floor lamp was broken on the move and that it cost $ *** *** states
she threw the lamp away There was no damage report written up and the
men state that no lamp was broken I offered to send *** *** a check
for $to replace the lamp but she didn’t want it
*** *** mother paid
for the move When the job was complete, the mother was not there to sign
for the credit card authorization I had to have the mother call in to
approve the charge to the credit card *** *** was not happy about this
on move day, but it is our policy Only the authorized user of a credit
card can authorize payment
In summary, while I
believe a third man would have made the job easier for the men, I believe the
total job time and cost would have been the same due to the long walk at the
load site which included two flights of stairs and the added inventory of
boxes versus on the estimate *** *** inability to state specific
reasons of dissatisfaction, her testimony that this was a huge job, and the
fact that she told the csr estimator that they would have everything packed and
at the curb when the men showed up lead me to believe the expectations set out
before the move were not consistent with the true move on move day
At the unload site the
men had to unload from the curb They could not use the driveway

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I am sorry to hear that you had an unfortunate experience with our servicesIn regards to the missing shelves from your move; on our paperwork, an initial from the customer is required before leaving each locationAt the final location, the initials signify the customers’ recognition of the truck
being emptied of all its contentsThis would be the reason the shelves were not replaced, since we cannot take liability for items that are no longer in our possessionIn some cases, a replacement will madeAfter review of this case, if you would like to send me measurements of the shelves you do have, we can look into producing new replacementsFeel free to contact our Claims Department in order to get this handled at 317-536-As for the time the move was estimated to take; we offer free estimates to all of our customers to give the customer an idea of how much our moving services would cost themThese are estimates based on the information provided by the customerThey are not exact quotesBecause they are estimates, the time estimated is subject to changeIn this case, the move took slightly longer than the estimated timeIn an attempt to get the job done on schedule, a second crew was sent out for hours free of chargeAlso, as an act of customer service, we credited an hour’s worth of labor back to the customer since it had gone over the estimated priceWe certainly appreciate your business and we hope to hear from you soon

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On April 13, at 3:30pm *** requested moving services for April 15, 2016. *** was electronically sent a copy of her contracts via DocuSign; which were signed at 9:21am on April 14, (this contract details terms, conditions, cancellation policy, rescheduling policy and acceptable
payment options). Our customer service representative placed a call to *** on April 14, at 9:45am to confirm the move for the following day and let *** know we received the contracts back. At 10:30am on April 14, *** placed a call to our office asking if it was possible to reschedule her move to an alternate date, our customer service representative explained that due to our cancellation policy and the fact that we confirmed her already she would incur a rescheduling fee if she chose to go that route. At 12:42pm *** called back and told our office that she was going to be sticking with her original move date of April 15, and no changes would need to be madeAt 8:58pm an email was sent to our office by *** claiming that she had attempted to contact our office and was not able to get in touch with anyone. She wanted to cancel her move for the following business day. The next morning she spoke with a representative and rescheduled her move for April 18, 2016, this resulted in a $rescheduling fee. On April 18, when the movers arrived *** had all her items already padded and wrapped for the move. Two managers were dispatched to her move to ensure that everything was going smoothly*** said that she hates moving, she’s not good at it; but the service was excellent so far. The managers confirmed the unload location; at that time it was relayed by *** to our managers that her storage unit was going to be on the 4th floorWhen she originally booked, she told our rep that it was going to a 1st floor. The managers explained to her that the elevator was going to add time to her move as well as out of pocket expenses. *** understood and it was confirmed that the only form of payment that will be accepted at the storage unit is cash. When the movers arrived at the storage unit to unload *** informed them that she did not have the money for the move***’s items were stored on our truck until the funds became available. When the bill was totaled up we did not charge *** for her $rescheduling fee, this was done in an attempt to calm the situation and close the move on a positive note. Much to our surprise, *** reported damages on April 19, to a coat rack and dresser. Our office requested an onsite to review the items because our movers were unable to inspect the items since they were covered with moving blankets and shrink wrap before they arrived. At the start of the move *** signed a Release of Liability acknowledging that we were only responsible for the items while we transported them because we did not know the condition of the items at the origin, this is standard procedure when a customer prepares their items beforehand and our movers are not able to inspect them for prior damageThroughout this whole process *** has completely disregarded the contract in every aspect, refused to cooperate with the owner in regards to allowing us to view the items and threatened to assault one of our managers. Our corporate Customer Care department became involved early on and has also had many correspondences with ***. They have also informed her that she needs to allow us to inspect the items so we can move forward with the appropriate level of compensation that she chose on her contract. We have made multiple attempts to come to a resolution and have not been awarded the opportunity to inspect the items that were allegedly damaged. Once we view the items, we can move forward. *** may call our office at *** to schedule an appointment. As far as the cost of services that are being disputed, *** was aware of the cost of services prior to scheduling our services and the additional costs that *** incurred was not a result of any wrong doing by our company. We have already waived $in costs and made many attempts to handle this complaint swiftly and have been challenged each and every time. Once we view the items we can move forward with a resolution that coincides with the protection plan she chose prior to her move

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Regarding the move for Ms*** *** on October 15th, 2014:
Our office certainly apologizes for any negative experiences on
move day and during post move callsWe take complaints regarding our
services seriously and genuinely strive to
create positive experiences
for our customersMs*** has indeed spoken
to two managers and our corporate office regarding her issues on move
dayUnfortunately, we were not able to communicate with her as quickly
as possibleThis was due to leaving messages while she was working as a
teacher during the dayWe apologize for any
lapse in communication as it is our intention to resolve any problems in
real time if possibleWe have contacted a professional vendor
regarding the damage of the broken foot on the chair and will follow up
once that is resolved to see that it was handled
to Ms***’s satisfactionMs*** received an estimate for
moving of her items for hours at an estimated cost of $Her
move was completed in hours for a cost of Our men are
professionally trained and are encouraged to complete
moves as quickly and safely as possibleThis initial estimate did not
include time for disassembly and reassembly though we do advise our
customer’s that this is an option on move day and will simply increase
time and therefore costWe also encourage the
customer to complete as much of their own move as possible, prior to
move day, if their goal is to stay under a specific budget for the
moveOften times, when we have a crew coordinating a move and
attempting to work as efficiently as possible, it can be
difficult when additional bodies are involved in that process on the
actual move dayOur men are trained to organize loading/unloading and
will plan out the move upon arrival and initial walkthrough of the home
After Ms***’s move, we spoke with each
member of the crew, the Dispatch manager from her move and reviewed all
paperworkWe listened to Ms***’s concerns on each call and when
those calls were escalatedHowever, we are confident that the men
worked as well as possible with the circumstances
on her move dayWe do not mean to imply that any customer is dishonest
and apologize for creating that feeling for Ms***We have
thoroughly investigated her comments about this move and have determined
that no refund or credit is due
Please let us know if you need further information or have additional questions
Thank you for your time,
Two Men And A Truck Indianapolis

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The response left by Two Men And A Truck was per the customer’s complaint that we had not contacted or attempted repairThere is no breakdown in communication and the customer was not at the time being reasonable letting vendors in to repair stating “they did not want people in and out of there house”Per policy we must have our vendors assess the damage and cannot offer money per a customers opinion of the cost of an itemThis is industry standard to make sure our customers are taken care of via the proper repair and that we are not held liable for damages we are not responsible forThe customer was offered compensation for the scratch on the washer/dryer as well as repair by vendorWe have done everything possible to help with this situation here at Two Men And A Truck

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Hello, We do understand there was damage done to the mattress on the day of the move and we do apologize that the damage occurredWe do sell mattress bags to protect the mattress which is something you did not purchase for the day of the moveAll damage resolutions
are based on the WA State UTC Protection Plan, based on the protection plan that was chosen on the day of the move the repairs were covered under the deductibleWe took the time to get quotes on repairs and presented them to you with the details to move forward with a repair company if you choose to do so Based on the protection plan that was chosen there is no other resolution we can offerAs far as we know, the repairs were completed to get the mattress bag to the original state

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We are sorry we did not meet your expectations with your moveUnfortunately there must have been a communication issue during the estimate process, and an obvious staffing issue the day of the move. On behalf of Two Men And A Truck please accept our apologyWe agree to the proposed settlementWe will credit the difference between your highest estimate of $and the amount charged of $($281) and will also credit you an extra $to reach the proposed settlement amount of $We will refund your credit card $upon your acknowledgement to the that this is an acceptable resolution to this matter (you do not have to close the complaint, just let the know that this resolution is acceptable)Once you receive the credit to your card you can then close the complaint. Thank you for your patience in this matter

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