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My husband and I had a storage unit (#297) at this facility for several years The facility changed from National Self Storage to U-Store-It We also transferred our items from unit #to unit # Due to military transfers, we made numerous residential moves and we trusted this location for a few more years to store our keepsakes On Saturday, September 24, 2016, we removed our items from unit # We barely made it before p.mfor my husband to sign a removal-of-items form Once we opened the unit door it was apparent that our belongings were destroyed by rats Our children’s hospital baby blankets and multiple stuffed animals (some that once belonged to now deceased family members) contained an enormous amount of rat urine and fecal matter (hence this complaint being a health issue) Our oldest daughter’s porcelain doll collection from her grandmother was also destroyed by these rodentsComputer cords,as well as other items, were chewed and no longer functional On S

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I spoke with customer today. The info she gave for the company and DM on the complaint are incorrect.  We are the new owners Extra Space Storage.
font-size: 11pt; font-family: Calibri, sans-serif;”>I am trying to work with her on her concern. At the time of the claim her insurance was cancelled due to the account being in delinquent status. She was notified via mail about the insurance cancellation.
Her Policy was for $2000 but is claiming $5200.
I did waive her late fees today and she is trying to get me her insurance contact to see if there is anything we can do on our end. We have documented every conversation phone and visits with Ms. [redacted] and the only complaint we had was condensation in the unit which she feels is a leak. We have had her unit checked twice and found no leaks and we offered to check again for her when she can gives us access to the unit.
Please feel to call with any questions.
Mike H[redacted]
mike h[redacted]  |  senior district manager | extra space storage

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