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Jefferson Capital

Kevin – Sep 10, 2020 Victim Location 45693 Type of a scam Debt Collections Trying to collect a 201.00 which they say I owed ******* from 5 years ago or longer. I do not owe the debt if I did I would have paid it.they were just angers that I went to a cheaper service. Please stop this harassment. I am 78 yr old and don’t need this Tommy – May 18, 2020 Victim Location 54868 Type of a scam Debt Collections I got a letter from Jefferson Capital claiming to be for Verizon wireless asking for payments. I don’t use…

The Informer

Ashley – Victim Location 60565 Type of a scam Other Top line of the purchase form says: "Yes, I want to join the novice slot crew to "ROB" slot machines legally….with an inside job!" That says it all. One is to pay $50. plus $5.oo shipping for an "Insider Code!" Slot System". It does promise a 90 day full refund if one does not "Beat the slots for huge winnings in 90 days". There is also a 6 page flyer that just explains in general the system, hypes it, and why it is legal . No website, email address, or…

Love to shop free

Wendy – Total money lost $13 Type of a scam Counterfeit Product bought and item in March and it is now Sept and still no product. their emails only say they are working on trying to resolve the issue. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. you will never get your product and they say they can not refund and give you false shipping information to track items that example of email that is all lies: Good Day! Thank you for being with us, This is Georgette at your service; I wanted to let you know that we are still investigating the…

Kingston, JM

Neil – Victim Location 53718 Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes We have received 3 phone calls on our home phone number from: Kingston, JM phone number 768-558-8836. Each time they call they try to convince my elderly mother she has won a car from a contest she entered and they want to come over to deliver the car at 3:30 that day but she needs to pay them $200 cash. The calls we received since I started keeping track were on: 4/19/16 @ 9:51 am, 4/14/16 @ 8:54 am and just yesterday 4/28/16, not sure of the time. We had…

pure diet health

Alison – Victim Location 92108 Total money lost $160 Type of a scam Online Purchase I found this product through Instagram (red flag already, now I know). They advertised a trial of a bottle of their product, leaving out that if you did not cancel within 14 days you would be billed for the "actual" price of that bottle ($80 more) and again billed every month. They even added a second product I did not add to my cart, but as it was only, I thought, $5 more dollars I ignored it (turned out I would be billed $70 for…

Key Bank Imposter Text Message Phishing Scam

Tara – Victim Location 12047 Type of a scam Identity Theft I was sent a text message from the above email address. It states (KeyBank Securirty Message Urgent Dial > 5183004313 .) The misspelling of security makes it easily identifiable as a scam, plus I do not use Key Bank. Others may fall victim to the scam though. I did not call the number.

Neat Projector

Marisa – Dec 08, 2020 I purchased a Neat Projector on Friday 19 November 2019, I purchased the Neat Projector, extended warranty, HDMI cable and short stand totally $120.99 USD and I’m yet to receive any part of my order. My order was confirmed and I was told a number of times that my order had been shipped. I did communicate with them via their support email account earlier this year but for some strange reason the content has disappeared but queries have not. I’ve reported them to social media sites as they were still advertising this product and so…

R. R. Company

Dominic – Victim Location 24540 Type of a scam Employment I received an email from Gary Bradshaw saying that they had seen my resume on the CareerBuilder website and was interested in offering me employment through R. R. Company as a Logistics Manager. It informed me of what the job would incur and to send them my name and phone number for them to call me about this position.

Amazon Rewards imposter

Lacey – Jun 05, 2020 How are these crooks getting first names and phone numbers? Can’t wait for these scammers to get caught and thrown in jail. Jasmine – May 12, 2020 Victim Location 91801 Type of a scam Phishing Received this message: URGENT ALERT: (My first name was used), please check the details for shipment ID: AmazonRewards 7D51L5 here: Description: $120 bonus Jonathon – Apr 24, 2020 Victim Location 92107 Type of a scam Phishing Got a random text saying it was their third time contacting me and needed shipping details to send me my amazon rewards worth…

Rayn corgies

Jeffery – Jun 07, 2020 Victim Location 98375 Total money lost $500 Type of a scam Online Purchase I went to and asked for Winifred puppy. After sending $500, I got another email asking if Inwas still interested. After further review and are the same person scamming people. They claim to ship puppies for $900 total. I lost my $500. Don’t fall for it.

Thistle Oak

Latasha – Victim Location 71037 Total money lost $36 Type of a scam Online Purchase Ordered a ring back in October. Was supposed to be delivered by 1 Nov. Haven’t received it yet. Have sent an email asking about my purchase, no reply

Global Success Solution

Alyssa – Victim Location 15062 Type of a scam Employment The woman seemed Eager over the phone and excited as if she was happy that I contacted her about getting a job with her and her company, she said she Would contact me concerning a job with her and her company after I gave my information and she never did.